Cielo Men's Tango Shoes

Our shoes are true to size. Please use the conversion chart below.

US Size  EU Size
8 40
8.5 41
9.5 42
10 43
10.5 44
11.5 45
12 46

Regina Women's Tango Shoes

Regina currently uses two types of heels: a classic heel, used from 2010 until today with exceptional stability, and a new one, introduced in 2014, with a Y-shaped stiletto, thinner and positioned slightly further forward.

Regina models are available in 9 different heel heights marked alphabetically.

  • A = 10,00cm;
  • AY = 10,50cm;
  • B = 09,00cm;
  • BY = 09,50cm;
  • C = 08,00cm;
  • CY = 08,50cm
  • D = 07,00cm;
  • E = 06,00cm;
  • F = 05,00cm;

SUR Women's Tango Shoes

Overall, Sur shoes run small, so if you are between sizes you will most likely need to go a half a size up as opposed to down, i.e. if your street shoe size is 7.5 you will most probably be a size 38 in Sur.

Overall, please remember that all dance shoes stretch out and if you purchase a size larger than what you need it can become a problem in the future after a few wears. A dance shoe should fit you like a glove and if you are able to stick a finger in between your heel and your shoe's heel cage, then you are definitely wearing a wrong size of tango shoes.